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New supply to the warehouse

Production of Bulgaria

Accessories for machine tools

We inform you about the additional supply of a wide range of accessories for machine tools at the stock.

Now available: Machine vices, rotary tables, magnetic desks, milling sets, lifting magnets and other support tools.

You can get more details of the information by phone numbers: +7(343) 220-37-11, +7(343) 220-38-70.

  • Motor-reducer S35-ER32
  • Mills with a working part from firm alloy plates
  • Cutter with a working part of tungsten carbide plates
  • Electromagnetic table EPM300IT
  • Electromagnetic lifts ELM2000
  • Electromagnetic table EPM2540

New delivery!

We are pleased to announce the supply of new machines to the warehouse in Pervouralsk:

  • horizontal lathe CNC T&ST 6132/1000, TiST1224N
  • screw-cutting lathe TIST 6266, TiST6250/2000 TiST6250/1000, TiST6280/2000V
  • Drilling and milling machine TiSF7550 / 1
  • Milling machine with CNC TiFS7124
  • Universal Milling machine TiF550 / 1 TiFSU6325B
  • universal machine TiUS400V
  • Radial drilling TIRS 3250
  • Hydraulic press TiPG150, desktop lathe TiPM04-1

We offer you the tools (available):

  • Horizontal lathe T&ST6230
  • Horizontal lathe CNC machine TiST6136
  • Screw-cutting lathe with DRO TiST6241
  • grinding machine TiSSh7115
  • Drilling and milling TiSS7045A / 1
  • Drilling and milling TiSF 20V
  • Vertical-horizontal milling TiSS7550
  • Milling machine with CNC TiFSU7125S
  • Milling machine TiFSU8140
  • Milling machine with DRO TiFSU6332S
  • Universal TIUS 400

And also:

  • Horizontal turning lathe TiST6128/610
  • Horizontal turning lathe TiST6125/750
  • Screw-cutting lathe ТiСТ6280В/2000
  • Drilling and milling machine TiSF280
  • Desktop turning lathe TiMT 0714
  • Vertical turning lathe with DRO TiVTK5225

We offer available goods: corrugated aluminum sheet "Quintet" and "Duet" of the mark АМG2, manufactured in Serbia:

"Quintet": dimensions: 1500х3000х3mm
"Duet": dimensions: 1500х3000х3 mm

"Smooth": dimensions: 1500х3000х2 mm

The additional information will be available at the following telephone: +7(343) 220-38-69, +7(343) 220-37-06, +7(3439) 24-04-83, +7(912) 032-31-15